policy-making and research

Welcome to Pr-i: policy research interface

Policy support for regional development, innovation, higher education.


“Pr-i: policy-research interface” wants to be a space where research and policy making can interact as peers, in their commitment to improve lives through evidence-based decision making.

There is so much these two worlds can do for each other. Through its services, pr-i wants to be an ambassador between the two, providing the skills and knowledge for their interaction. 

Elisabetta Marinelli, PhD

Unpacking Pr-i: policy research interface.

We work largely on these areas, though we are always open to new fields. 


Current activities

Peer Review of the region of Centro

Peer Review of the region of Centro

On the 2nd and 3rd of December I will be taking part to the Peer Review of the region of Centro (Portugal) within the INTERREG Project Improve. More information