Monitoring & Evaluation

In public policy one should never stop learning.

One way to do so is to look critically at strategic choices, day-to-day actions and their consequences.

This is, in a nutshell, the purpose of monitoring and evaluation.

Defining indicators, datasets and logic of interventions is at the technical core of M&E, but it’s not enough! The organisation needs to be ready to proactively use monitoring and evaluation outcomes.

To me, working on monitoring & evaluation means looking at the technical and organisational elements at the same time, always with the aim of learning.

Key Experience

PASSPARTOOL: Key tools to assess and improve soft innovation policies

I am support ARTI-Puglia, the lead-partner of Passpartool, in developing and implementing the participatory activities of the project. The project focusses on the monitoring of soft-innovation. 

Evaluation of Smart Specialisation: Country expert for Spain

I am collaborating with Prognos as a Country expert to assess how some Spanish Regions have invested Cohesion Funds in research and innovation.

Related news

Peer Review of the region of Centro

Peer Review of the region of Centro

On the 2nd and 3rd of December I will be taking part to the Peer Review of the region of Centro (Portugal) within the INTERREG Project Improve. More information

Relevant Publications

Building Smart Specialisation Strategies monitoring systems:

evidence from the EU

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Smart Specialisation Evaluation:

Setting the Scene

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